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Three days ago I was getting into my charger and it didn't want to turn on. When it did it all sorts of lights stayed on (ABS, BAS, lil Lightning thingy.. and others I don't remember) So I went home with my x-mas lights on. Shut her done and restarted and it was back to normal.. I figured it was HAL gone wild for several minutes. Went in my house and got ready for a date I had. So I am off to for a 40 minute drive.. about 10 minutes into my way I passed several cars doing about 95 and then LIMP MODE TIME.. its like all the power get robbed from the engine and it would not go over 45mph... X-MAS lights back on and its stallling like crazy. I go to the shoulder and its reving to 1.5rpm's and its staying there. Shut her done and nothing. Drove back home doing an amazing 40-45mph :( My date was my friends truck and went on my date later that night.

Next day in the morning my car is back to normal for like 10 minutes, stopped put some gas, and went into one of those touchless car washes. My bad Luck again.. while the car was being washed .. its shuts down and will not start again. I had someone push me out of the car wash :dead:

Called my dealership monday and explained to them my problems, they are really kool and they sent a flatbed for lowered cars to pick up my car at my house. They get it there and its working fine again and they can't find anything wrong with it..WTF..

I don't know if I should keep it now or trade it in for a new one or a GCSRT8. I don't want this problem to be popping up again. I have had so many problems with my car as is so far.
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