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Have a 2014 Dodge Charger SE and got a 1 color (red) interior led lighting set from LED GLOW. I'm not experienced with anything electrical so was totally perplexed on how to get this hooked up.

Tried to find forum help and online videos, but there was very little guidance. With this car / model / year, it seems like you have a number of choices...

1) Wire into fuse box. There is 1 under the hood and in the trunk.
2) Wire into the battery? Something I read on this forum.
3) Wire into your lights / dimmer.
4) Wire into one of your cigarette lighter connections.
5) Add a cigarette lighter adaptor to your wires and plug-in to power.

After loads of tinkering I decided to go with option 5, which turned out to be the least invasive i.e. (drilling holes / tearing apart your car) and easiest method.

I had a spare cigarette lighter adaptor meant for our kids car DVD player that wasn't being used. I snipped that close to the adaptor end and exposed the wires. Then I connected the positive & negative wires to the LED GLOW set and voila! Plug and play!

A lot of people don't like this option because then you have exposed wires and it looks rigged / unprofessional, but the SE 2014 has cigarette lighter tucked inside the center console and little discrete openings to run wires so the console still closes. You can still tuck the wires in the suggested areas (around the base of the console) and hide the adaptor in your console. I managed to hide all wires outside of an inch or two leading into the little power box, which is supposed to be exposed anyway. Turned out great.


My only question is...

If you have a cigarette lighter adaptor plugged in, but the item it is hooked up to is OFF, will it still drain power from your battery? If yes, will it be a significant amount i.e. enough to kill the battery? Please let me know. I would love to keep the adaptor plugged in so I can just turn on/off from the little control box.

Happy New Years! :beerchug:
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