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Hello all, I'm new to the Forum and wanted to share the toe link repair which I was able to perform myself.

I had excessive rear tire wear which ultimately affected all four tires due to the car trying to track properly. I had the tire all four replaced this time last year with an alignment. The alignment said he tried but couldn't get the left rear toe in spec. He asked was it the car ever in an accident I stated not sure because I brought used with 26k miles on it and here it's 76k later and I just went threw a set of tires in a years time.

So a year later I same thing, this time got off my lazy butt started to do some research physically I can see the front of the left rear tire pointing out. I read about toe links but I didn't see any physical damage. I so I just went ahead and order one. It arrived the day after Turkey Day, so I went out jacked up the rear of the car remove the wheel etc. Went to unbolts the toe link on the rear knuckle side and the nut and bolt was loose, not loose enough that the toe link would move but loose enough that I was able to unloosen the bolt with little effort.

And from there I seen the problem because of the loose bolt the alignment the bushing wore on the toe link and was elongated and so was the end of the knuckle that the toe link bolted too. Not as bad as the bushing in the link itself. And I wasn't about to spend 400+ for a knuckle.

I went ahead and change to the link, FYI you need to lower the subframe in order to remove the toe link cam bolt from the frame. But I had already had the car on a hydraulic jack and the subframe on a jack stand so I went ahead and jacked the car higher until I gotten the subframe to clear the spare tire tube hanging from the bottom of the Charger.

After replacing the link I mirrored position the cam bolt to the same position as the R/S toe link. And measure the tire front and rear distance to the fender well to be equal on both L and R sides. It's a old way of backyard alignment but it works. I'll get the alignment done right once I replace fronts struts and the two front tires by end of the month. BTW it only took a 1 1/2 to change the link.

attached photos of link and 2014 alignment specs.


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