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K&N Cold Air Intake information

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Hey guys I am thinking about getting a K&N cold air intake for my 2010 3.5L V6 SXT and wanted to know how many mpg's I can expect to lose. I know that people swear that a CAI will increase mpg's, but I've spoken to many car mechanics, enthusiasts and have read plenty of online articles that state that a CAI will only increase Horsepower and not mpg's because of the IAT sensor that monitors the air temp. So I wanted to hear from anyone with a K&N cai to find out how many miles you have lost with a CAI. Right now I'm doing 385-415 miles per tank and would only consider getting a CAI if the mpg drop is minimal, like around 3-5miles. I don't have any performance modifications and this will be my first if I do decide to get it. Thanks for the info in advance!
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I have the intake and 93 octane tune with the predator and I'm seeing 18/19 mpg's give or take.

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Before it if I remember correctly was like 21/24.

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Dang dude that hwy drop seems high. But if you were getting 24hwy with the CAI it's not that bad. My college and job are both 24 miles away so hwy mpg is important to me
yeah that was a ball park guess. i cant remember what I actually got on it. good luck with youre choice man. Happy Modding!!:rocker:
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