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Replaced the factory REC NAV with a JVC KW NX7000 NAV.
Everything works perfectly fine except I'm not hearing any Navigation Voice.

Whenever the unit would play a NAV voice, no sound plays. The is more clearly noticable with the Music Mix set to "Att" or "Mute" as the music will lower or mute, but no NAV Voice will play.

The problem also also extends to anytime the unit would play any "Text to Speech". For example the Startup and Shutdown messages.

I checked the obvious like the NAV Voice volume level, Adaptive Volume setting, Guidance Output setting, Musix Mix setting, and pretty much every other setting in all the menus.

Here is additional information on how I installed it and what parts I used:
Has the factory amplifier near steering wheel and sub-woofer in trunk.

JVC KW NX 7000:
Bought it used off of ebay, primarily for the detachable face-plate.

2005-UP Chrysler CAN Bus Stereo Replacement Interface CRSR01

Scosche UAA1 Universal Antenna Adapter

Metra 99-6510 Chry/Dodge/Jeep with NAV 04-UP Dash Kit

For the most part it was straight forward. However I was left with 3 unattached wires coming from the Unit: Blue (Power Antenna), Blue/White (Labeled "To the remote to other equipment"), and Brown (To cellular phone System)

The wiring harness instructions says "There are no "Blue" Power antenna or "Blue/White" amplifier remote control wires on the CRSR01 interface harness. If there are premium sound systems in your vehicle, the CRSR01 will 'turn-on' and activate these systems with data commands."

So what I'm trying to figure out is if the unit is defective or did I miss something in the install.

For the past week I've have been searching and reading and re-reading on the net, triple checked all my connections, tried all the options I could find on the unit, including resetting it.

Again everything else works fine, radio, cd player, usb movies, gps. Its just the NAV Voice / Text to Speech.

Thanks in advance for anyone taking the time to read this and tying to help me. Really appreciate it.

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I solved the problem. (Sort of.)

Basically the problem was not the unit but the way I had music and the Nav audio (which I have coming out of the AV audio out plugs) setup. It wouldn't allow the Nav voice to play if the music (or any signal) was playing at the same time.

Discovered it when I turned on the unit without any music connected and heard it working. As soon as I connected the music it muted the Nav voice again.

Now I just need to figure out what I need to do so that both can play at the same time. Was using a stereo Y adapter, but will need an alternative solution.
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