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Ok well I received a letter for a recall regarding my timing chain. After waiting for almost a month you know for them to get the part I took it in this morning and this is a list of what they did to my 2011 dodge charger RT.

Needed some software updates

Flash for TCM Trans control module

Reprogrammed hands free module for lock up

Flashed for the AMP

Flashed for BCM

And the final work the Timing Chain Guides and Tensioner.

Plus they had to change my oil all free covered by the recall.

Only complaint I had was I wasn't aware they were going to change my oil ad they out regular oil and I just changed it 2weeks ago but I use Pennzoil synthetic. They had to drain that regular stuff and they filled her up with the good stuff. I'm glad they were honest with me and told me thanks Chris service manager in Sanford fl:rocker:
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