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Just got my new Charger!

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Hi Everyone!

I just bought me a beautiful black R/Tand I'm excited as hell! Just did a google search and cam up with your board, and I'd like to see what other people think about the car! Erm, and greetings...and stuff!
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I got mine from Commerce Chrysler in Commerce, GA...close to where I recently moved. I bought the only one they had at that dealership. They had a black R/T at their Savannah GA lot but have since sold it. I had been getting my truck serviced there and kinda 'knew' everyone. (To talk to anyway). I got the car for a little under MSRP but will have to look at the papers I put away to verify how much. Mine is also stock so only listed for a base + 225 for the paint plus destination. Dealer threw in the tinting and soon to get stripes for free. Heck, ya get anything for free from anyone and its a I have pictures posted at: .
Do they have any in the Springs or Denver/Thornton?
Savannah Dodge has two chargers, a Silver R/T and a Black SE(?). Looked sweet. After seeing the Charger in person, I am now set at getting one. Only a year to go.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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