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Just got 1

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I just got my sxt yesterday. i love this car. i wanted tha v8 but couldnt afford it but i was lucky to find a sxt with tha 6 speaker stereo and custom dealer installed 2 tone leather seats. i'll post picks of tha seats when i get a chance.
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Hello Everyone!

For those who are unfamiliar with me, my name is Aliyah I’m a Marketing Representative with the Dodge Information Center.

“JayRo4” congratulations on your new Dodge Charger SXT!!!. Certainly post pictures of the 2 tone leather seats. We would love to see them.
Are you turning some heads? :wink:

What do think about the AutoStick transmission?

I’ll be here so feel free to post any questions/comments.

Enjoy your vehicle!

Aliyah Z
Marketing Representative- Dodge Information Center
[email protected]
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