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Is there an easy way to repair this?

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This is the front bumper on my 09 Charger SXT on the driver side. Without replacing the whole bumper, is there something I can use to patch up that gap in the corner? Bondo?

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So this was the shit job that I did after. It's basically putty from a cheap bumper repair kit I got from AutoZone. That was a mistake on my behalf, put I'm gonna try and remove the putty. Prior to this (in the previous picture) it never had a Bondo repair. It doesn't have to be perfect, but I don't want it to be a major eye sore like either of the two pics.

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You made two mistakes.

1. Making that repair

2. Showing us the picture of that. Oh my!

You might want to have a shop handle that going forward.
I know I f****d it up pretty bad. Like I said, I'm gonna try and remove the putty with an exacto knife and rubbing alcohol.

The other option is just replacing the bumper.
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