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Is there an easy way to repair this?

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This is the front bumper on my 09 Charger SXT on the driver side. Without replacing the whole bumper, is there something I can use to patch up that gap in the corner? Bondo?

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It already looks like it had a Bondo repair. If you are just looking for a fast simple patch repair and do not care how it looks I would work the area down before using body filler. Then contour it and then prime it and use some dupli-color. It will look like was repaired and not restored.
You made two mistakes.

1. Making that repair

2. Showing us the picture of that. Oh my!

You might want to have a shop handle that going forward.
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As a
I know I f****d it up pretty bad. Like I said, I'm gonna try and remove the putty with an exacto knife and rubbing alcohol.

The other option is just replacing the bumper.
Unless you used real putty or silicone sealant from Home Depot, it is not coming out by an exacto knife.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts