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I stopped by my dealer today to see what they had & they had two 2008 Charger SXT's. Sirius is standard now on the SXT's. Both had heated outside mirrors. I can't remember if this is a standard feature, or if it part of the SXT package, meaning the SE's wouldn't get them (I would assume the RT's get them).

The 5-speed autostick transmission is no longer offered on the 3.5 engines. The cruise control lever has been moved from the left side of the wheel to the right. It is the same lever that is on the Calibers and Avengers (no longer the little stick).

The dash has been redesigned, it appeared to be a little more rounder on the passenger side than on the '06 and '07 models. The center console also looked a little bigger, especially the drink holders.

The 2008 Chargers now have a radio antenna on the roof as well (same type that is on the Avengers).
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