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Hi everybody,

I have a question:

Is it good to modified the parameters WOT and SPARK?

I have a srt8 with K&N, Corsa catback, intake manifold mopar s3, 180 stat, diablo 93 tunes by laurent dcx.

But my result is not good, 5.1s 0-60.

I try to install the 93 octan cai and the car is better more the custom tunes... I don't understand why..

Well I trying to made my tunes, I modified WOT (+4% 1-3.8k and 6% 4-7) and spark (-2)

The car is better but I don't know if the tunes is good for my hemi?

Can you help me? :beerchug:

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Is the 93 tune a custom tune written for your car or is it a canned (generic) tune?

We've had lots of people with SRT8's who get better performance running the 91 octane tunes with 93 octane fuel than they did running the 93 tunes on the same fuel. The HEMI engines, especially the 6.1, are very sensitive to fuel quality and heat soak. Running the more aggressive tunes (93, 93CAI) ends up resulting in more timing being pulled due to knock retard (KR) and you end up in a worse position than running a less aggressive tune (91, 91CAI).

I don't recall the details from your earlier posts but I want to confirm that you ARE running 93 octane (or better). Remember, there's a numbering difference for US octane numbers vs. other countries.

Lastly, I wouldn't play with the fuel settings unless you've done data logging and recorded KR. If removing a degree or two of timing as you've done is helping I think you're seeing the sensitivity I mentioned ^^^^^ and in essence you've turned your 93CAI tune into a 91CAI tune (or similar).
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