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OK here is my experience with purchasing and having installed a Pioneer AVIC-Z3…

What I started with:
2006 Daytona Top Banana, complete with 6 Disk Changer, Sirius, Sat Navigation, uConnect and Rear VES (Vehicle Entertainment System).
I hated the fact that the Sat Navigation wasn’t touch screen; it was also a very small screen with terrible functionality. iPod connection would mean I lose the sound from the VES through the main speakers leaving only the headphones for my 3 year old.

What I wanted:
A larger “touch screen” more functionality, keep Sirius, Bluetooth for my phone, connect an iPod, Play DVD’s in the front as well as the rear and keep the sound through the speakers from the rear VES.
After MUCH searching this forum (which is excellent – couldn’t have done any of this without it), here is what I purchased:

Pioneer AVIC-Z3 unit (Obvious head unit) $1299
CD-SB10 Sirius Bus Interface $69.99
CD-IB100II – iPod adapter interface $59.99
ND-BT1 – Bluetooth Adapter $99.99
CR2-CHY4 – Harness adapter $129.99
CRAB – Antenna Adapter $4.99
SWI-PS – Steering wheel Interface $49.99
Metra 99-6510 Double Din Frame $24.99
CD-SB10 – Sirius Tuner (purchased later) $64.99

Total including head unit $1803.92 (OK expensive but the list on just the head unit was $1799 so I think to get everything for just over $1,800 was a bargin)

PESWICAN – Steering Wheel adapter (not needed - more on this later) $64.99 (returned for refund)

I took this HUGE box of goodies to my local auto electrician who told me a couple of hours to install and that I could hang around the local town as I don’t like being far from my car.

After 1 hour and 30 minutes I get a call to return to the shop so that they could explain what couldn’t be done….ahh

I was told that the original microphone from the uConnect could not be used, that I would need a Sirius tuner (I thought I just needed the Sirius bus interface – wrong), that the original Sirius antenna could not be used and that I would need a second antenna mounting and that there would be no sound from the VES apart from though the headphones.

So I blew off the Sirius, I didn’t want a second antenna on the roof, but let them proceed with installing the unit and all the other parts (they were not confident about getting the steering wheel controls to work).

6 hours later – complete! They had gotten everything to work (apart from Sirius and the VES speakers) but the steering wheel controls were all working perfectly and the Bluetooth was perfect and the iPod connected easily in the glove box.

The only part that was surplus was the PESWI-CAN – I didn’t need this as I had purchased the CR2-CHY4 wiring harness (you would need the PESWI-CAN if you bought the basic CR2-CHY Harness). I did need the PESWI-PS for the steering wheel controls.

They quoted me $175 for the original “couple of hours” and actually only charged me $200 total for the 6 plus hours….not too bad, I was getting nervous half way through the day. Oh and the local town had a Wal-Mart and a Bed Bath and Beyond. (not sure if anyone has actually spent 6 hours in either of those stores but it’s damn boring…)

I was worried about the look of the surround but the METRA adapter looks fairly “factory” and actually cleans up the look of the original unit by removing the side buttons and the CD slot from view.

OK so I get my new toy, it has great Bluetooth, Great iPod connectivity, lots of features, great maps, and great touch screen and I love it – although I miss my Sirius.

I get home and at 5:05pm I go to put the car away and the head unit is DEAD – nothing, nada, niet, nein, zip, zero – dodo’s have a better life (you get my point)

After discovering the store that fitted the unit closed at 5 and didn’t open again over the weekend I set about taking it all apart and troubleshooting.
Basically – VERY easy. I was nervous about getting the center console off but basically pushing the top middle vents down, putting your fingers behind the plastic, hold your breath and pull. It’s a horrible pop but everything just comes off after that. Four screws around the unit and out popped the “rats nest” of wiring….

I managed to find that the guy in the store had grounded the “park brake” wire to enable the DVD to play while driving… nice gesture but basically drive for 10 miles and the unit dies. I found the following thread that showed that you not only had to ground the park brake wire but you have to change a couple of the wires in the blocks at the back of the unit and ground them too..

Couple of days later I decided to look further into the Sirius kit. I kept the Sirius Bus Interface so I purchased the CD-SB10 Sirius tuner and a 50 foot antenna extension (only 50 foot available – I have another spare tire made up of wound cable). The original Sirius tuner is in the trunk on the driver’s side behind the carpet. The antenna is a small square orange plug, someone else said that you need to cut this plug to make the extension fit – I didn’t, the cable just plugged in – it’s not pretty but it sits behind carpet and it’s taped up so who cares. I routed the extension keeping on the driver’s side under the rear seats, along the sills (the scuff plates just pop off), a couple of screws holds down the trim above the scuff plates but these are easy to find. The antenna was then routed across under the driver console and into the rear of the glove box. There is lots of room behind the glove box to mount things like Sirius units, blue tooth units and iPod connection adapters. The glove box again comes off with a pop, just open it half way then pull straight up. Lots of closing eyes holding your breath and pull
Basically all the connectors are color coded and only plug in one way – pretty much basic stuff.

What I ended up with:
$2K less money (thanks tax man) – a rocking entertainment system that plays DVD’s, iPod, CD’s, 30Gb Hard Drive (10Gb for music), 3D maps, Tough Screen, Bluetooth that just “works perfectly” and Sirius.

I did miss out on getting the sound through the speakers for the VES but that’s the next project.

Sorry I don’t have more pictures of the unit being installed but I will answer any questions anyone has about this to the best of my ability.

Basically again I want to say thanks to this forum for being a great source of information.


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very nice man, I like my D2 but I do eventually want to change it up

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Glad I found this thread. I've thought about switching out the REC Nav for one of the Pioneer AVIC double din units, but wanted everything to work. Glad to know that the VES compatibility is the only thing left. Another thing has been added to the future charger plans list, but only if the VES compatibility can be worked out. I would get a regular radio bezel and cut it to fit though just so that it looks more "factory" if that makes any sense.

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great job man! im lookin at this one and the 90BT down the road!! It looks very nice installed as well....

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Glad you like it. Installed a few of these and they are decent units with great functionality. Only thing I really dislike about my Kenwood is that everyone says they can hardly hear me through bluetooth.
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