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Hey guys, so my grandfather bought a 2009 2.7L SE Charger (he was 86 at the time). In 2014, he passed it on to me. He passed away back in December, and since then, I've decided that I want to drastically improve the car as something of a tribute to him. I have a rough outline of some sort of an improvement plan, and I would love feedback/warnings/tips.

BTW, the car is still in near perfect condition, but the engine is at 109k miles and very under-powered (obviously). In addition, I've been putting about 9.5k miles on it per year.

Within the next year:
-Upgrade to the exhaust system and headers(set up for dual, but I have a single currently)
-Replace car bra

Year 2:
-New paint job. Any suggestions to hide scratches would be helpful. For some reason, people in the town I went to college at really LOVED to key my car, slam their doors into it, and sideswipe the 'hips' (all without leaving a note... sorry, I'm still bitter). To save costs, I will most likely be doing touch ups on small scratches, and I will only be getting a full paint job on select panels.

Year 3:
-New shocks and struts

Year 4:
-New engine. I've been thinking about an upgrade to the 3.5L. Not sure how any other sizes would do, but this seemed to be fairly common from what I've researched. Also, any thoughts on a rebuilt 3.5L vs a used or new?
-New transmission? The dealership replaced it for my grandfather back at 71k (right before he gave it to me). Should this be upgraded at the same time as the engine?

Year 5 or 6:
-Additional upgrades such as cold-air intake, throttle body, etc.

Sometime along the way...
-I have a buddy who reupholsters cars, so I'd like to replace the SE's fabric and rubber with leather (will be living in Texas, so maybe just a better fabric material instead).

Again, it's a rough outline, but I would really appreciate any feedback. I've gotten this before, "Why not just sell it and get a better one?" This is more about sentimental value, and I'd like to keep the car as long as possible. Thanks everyone!

-also, I've replaced the tires and rims since this picture was taken.


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