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I'm now Joe Dirt

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Picked up my HEMI about an hour ago.

Thanks to evreyone for your information - helped make my decision easier.

I look forward to reading about performance modifications on this site and then f -ing up my perfectly good car as I go at it with wrench in hand. The wife just steps back and watches the UPS man drop off the boxes.
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Always, from me also Congrats and welcome to the forums. Drive it like you stole it. Watch the E-brake pedal when getting in. Try to get used to the Cruise control lever, yes the lower rear fenders are flimsy they have no support brackets; the cup holders are the same size (I measured them with a micrometer). Owe I almost forgot it has four doors and this is why we all love our Chargers.

You probably know all this from reading some other threads just thought I would give you a little laugh. I really, really love my car and I was one of those guys complaining about the E-brake pedal.
Billybobs R/T said:
I've never hit the E brake I doing something wrong?... :lol:
No LMAO your not doing anything wrong and I do not want to start another discussion about how we should set the E-brake anyway. Some of us have hit it when we get in our car and the warning bells go off after we drive away. I live in eastern (way eastern) NC and it is flat as a book. I never used the P or E- brake what ever you want to call it. I was just making a funny because a lot of new members that come in start new threads about things we have already talked about before they do a search or look threw the different forum threads...

...Hemiready I am not picking on you in no way and do not take my post serious...
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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