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I'm now Joe Dirt

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Picked up my HEMI about an hour ago.

Thanks to evreyone for your information - helped make my decision easier.

I look forward to reading about performance modifications on this site and then f -ing up my perfectly good car as I go at it with wrench in hand. The wife just steps back and watches the UPS man drop off the boxes.
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I wasn't going to mention that E-Brake thing. I read where someone did not like where it is located - and i dont but I haven't hit it. What i keep doing is reaching for the cruise bar instead of the turn signal and two or three times when I hit the actual turn signal stalk I set off the wipers!
Otherwise I love the car. I was supposed to upgrade to a GPS but it was not in stock. Can anyone tell me if that GPS has turn by turn (verbal) instructions. Sadly, the dealer did not know!
It will be installed next Tuesday.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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