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I'm in love

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guys holy ****. I am so in love. I have owned my charger for 39 days. I can't get enough of it! It is a 2006 R/T with 151k miles. All I have bought for it is a whistler cr90 radar detector haha. I debadged the ram head and charger logo right away; kept the r/t and hemi of coarse :grin2:. It's nice because now I notice all the chargers in my town and most of them are v6s hehe. I think I'm gonna take the side moldings off this weekend. I'm also itching hardcore to mod it. I'm only 21 and this is my first purchase on credit. I told myself I was going to pay off the loan before modding, but I only needed a loan for 4k($80 minimum/month) and I can't stop looking at upgrades. So I am pretty close to pulling the trigger on a package deal from speed logix that includes the afe stage 2 and diablo intune. So basically I am asking in this post, do you guys think that is a good idea for first mod? And are there common problems that happen around this mileage that I should watch out for and save my $ for instead? Here's some pics as a thank you for reading all that :)

(Different plates because my uncle had custom ones)

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Congrats on the new car! Nice color. You'll love the HEMI.

Tuner should definitely be your first mod. I'd go with a CAI next, either the LMI Hammer Style or the aFe Stage II. Then, if budget allows, go for a cat-back exhaust system. These 3 mods will give you a nice little gain in hp.
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