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I'm in love

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guys holy ****. I am so in love. I have owned my charger for 39 days. I can't get enough of it! It is a 2006 R/T with 151k miles. All I have bought for it is a whistler cr90 radar detector haha. I debadged the ram head and charger logo right away; kept the r/t and hemi of coarse :grin2:. It's nice because now I notice all the chargers in my town and most of them are v6s hehe. I think I'm gonna take the side moldings off this weekend. I'm also itching hardcore to mod it. I'm only 21 and this is my first purchase on credit. I told myself I was going to pay off the loan before modding, but I only needed a loan for 4k($80 minimum/month) and I can't stop looking at upgrades. So I am pretty close to pulling the trigger on a package deal from speed logix that includes the afe stage 2 and diablo intune. So basically I am asking in this post, do you guys think that is a good idea for first mod? And are there common problems that happen around this mileage that I should watch out for and save my $ for instead? Here's some pics as a thank you for reading all that :)

(Different plates because my uncle had custom ones)

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Congrats. Great cars for all ages. Yours looks great in white.
Biggest problems I had on my 06 were in the suspension. Strut tension control arm. Look it up on this forum. It is the cause of the infamous front end clunk everyone asks about. Went through them like a kid does candy. Came to a point where I just bought cheap ones from O'Reilly and kept replacing them on the lifetime warranty..
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