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I did the same thing the other day after going back and forth about it. I thought about what someone on here said about serious racing cars and high performace luxury cars not having molding either and realized that they were so true. What finally made up my mind was seeing that the stock Chrysler 300 has only slightly different moldings. I don't want my Charger R/T to look even remotely like a 300 so that sold me on removing the molding. I used a hair dryer on the sticky tape keeping them on and they peeled off easier than bananna skins.
So glad I did. It looks even meaner now!
I also have the Black Panels under the doors like Lemmyk57 has in that pic above (I guess they call them Rockr panels). I really think they help make the car look a lot more sleek (not as "high") than having them color matched to the car.
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