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Huge cruise/convoy/meet and greet. To the LeMay museum in Tacoma Washington.

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Well it looks like the last post from the Northwest was six + months ago. Let's try to change things around. If you currently own a Charger, Mag, 300, Chally, or even better classical Hotrod, or old school muscle their is a huge gathering coming up her in the near months. A cruise/convoy to the LeMay Museum in Tacoma, Wa. Right now we have about 25 plus cars for sure and it's looking like we maybe in the 50 plus range before we do a official head count. Owners from Montana and Portland and even the BC Canada area gathering to attend this event. Obviously in the Seattle area we have a ton on muscle heads as well. Seems as though everyone is going out of their way to attend this one. The group I am associated with known as the NITWITS are currently organizing this. We often have car meets and have great turn outs rain or shine. The dates are TBD. More then like after March early Summer. Basically around the time the Sun is out for those who keep their babies tucked away from all the rain. A possible discounted pricing for members involved in the meet and great. Burgers and Fries afterwords. We are currently talking to the LeMay museum to see if they are willing to put it on their calender as a public event. If you haven't been to the LeMay museum here is a great opportunity. This place is amazing. So next question... Who's in? I will keep you posted on what's going on with the event. I'll create a sign up page to keep track on members. Thanks again and hope I hear for some of yall. Here are some photos of our last meet. 20+ cars and 5 or 6 folks without their cars. Body work.

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Wife and I just bought a Charger rt and wouldn't mind meeting fellow gear heads. Any updates?

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