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Those of ya that are running the Kooks Headers i was just wondering what type of rwhp gains you saw from them and how you like them!! Looks like i am probably going to go with them and maybe do the tc later on but would love to hear some real feedback on how they do on our srt8s and do you guys think they are worth the money? Also how do u think they will do with my ppp heads and cam when i get them all installed in about a month!! Already have the airraid cai,magnaflow catback exhaust,[email protected] stage 2 flash,180 tstat, where will i be at in your opinion after the heads,cam,and kooks!!:)
Well i never dynoed my car before the mods, but with the kooks headers along with the other mods in my sig my best dyno was 373RWHP. Kinda disapointing considering a lot of stock srt's are putting down that #.

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