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I have a 2007 Dodge Charger R/T
Daytona Hemi
Plum Crazy 1198-1400

Regardless, I guess they go bad pretty easily, for a number of reasons. What caused mine to give out was I had a problem with the thermostat but I didn't notice a problem until after the fact. Every time I hear the outside fan come on, I get the chills and already know I'm going to stop to get antifreeze somewhere.

What caused your radiator to go bad?

I got myself a new radiator CFS online with 2 year warranty along with another thermostat.

Does anyone have any links for tutorials, a how to, or anything of that matter to install the radiator?
I changed one on a commander which took longer than expected, a whole other game in the ball park. I know how to already change the thermostat, I just need a detailed review of a how to with taking out the old radiator and putting in the new one.

Thanks much.
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