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How to tell if you are looking at a 5spd transmission or 8spd transmission

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I am a newcomer looking at possibly buying my first Dodge Charger. I found on Dodge's website that the 2014 Charger SE comes with either a 5 spd transmission or an 8 spd transmission. Aside from looking at the mileage statement on the dealer sticker is there any other visible way to tell on the car if it has a 5 spd transmission or an 8 spd transmission.

I am hoping to find an 8 spd transmission SE but unfortunately certain dealer websites don't list the MPG's. I have been told the 5 spd is rated for 18/27. ...and the 8 spd has been rated for 19/31.


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I have a 2013 8 speed sxt with AWD and I have found (and many others too) that the estimated mileage rating is always better than 19 city. I have never seen mine go below 21 mpg in the winter and usually it stays around 25 mpg in the spring through fall months. I drive about 80% city and 20% highway. I am very pleased with the gas mileage of this 8 speed! The highway estimates are almost right on though. I usually get around 30 to 31 mpg.
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