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I found this out while doing some research, and of course testing it.

What this does, is create a second Garnim Nuvi "device" that you can update your maps on, if you use this to update the maps on your 2011- 2014 maps.

This would be helpful if your original Garmin Nuvi dies and you won't have to get a new one!

What you will need for this:

(1) Garmin Nuvi Navigation System

(2) USB Flash Drive of at least 8+ GB (Preferably USB 3.0 if you have USB 3.0 ports on your computer)

Steps to do this:

(1) Take your USB Flash Drive and format it as FAT32 (I don't think label makes a difference, so you can call it Garmin Nuvi or whatever)

(2) Create a folder on the USB Flash Drive called "GPX"

(3) Connect your Garmin Nuvi to your computer and browse to the GPX folder on it, and copy the "current.gpx" file to the same folder on your flash drive

You should now be able to use that flash drive in your computer, and have Garmin Express see it as a device. You can reinstall the maps and any files to it that need to be updated.

At this point, you can pull any files to need to create an updated USB flash drive to update the maps on your 2011 - 2014 vehicle!
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