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I agree, I was a car salesman and they have plenty of money in the vehicle+rebates+ hidden dealer "Pack" I can give EXCELLENT negotiating skills to anyone who is interested, it works EVERY time to get what you want when you want it, including haggling down the costs of extended warranties,etc. Just ask me or send a PM. My dad is still the GM of a large dealership, I simply called him up and asked whats dealer inv. for, get a price. Give me an estimate. Best bet is to purchase an invoice for the vehicle you want, this is where many make mistakes.. you HAVE to make sure you invoice the EXACT options of you will be WAY off. Bust the dealer in the chops, buying a car is an ALL day event unless you got peeps in the loop. Just ask me how and ill tell you. An '08 they may not do so much negotiation, but you can clean them on an '07... I PROMISE!!

Dealer holdback IS the "pack" some use different code names, we did. You should have no problem if negotiated properly walking out with dealer ONLY making holdback. 99% of the time they will NOT dip into that regardless.
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