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I know a sunroof equipped Charger with a buckling roof

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Ground rules.

1. You must personally know the car/owner, not just through forums. This eliminates duplicate data points.

2. Please dont go by heresay. If a buddy told you "All them sunroof cars have that", thats not a valid data point.

3. I will be posting a duplicate poll on LXforums, please do not vote there if you vote here, again, we want to avoid duplicate data points.

This pic shows whats apparently an extreme case, but shows the point of interest. There was specualtion inb that other thread that perhaps there waws a design change at some point in 07 that either excaberated, or intitiated this situation, that was quickly remedied. That is speculation right now, barring someone who has real data.

My guess? Someone somewhere decided to reduce the bracing in the roof for sunroof cars, or it was just not put in some cars through a mistake. When discovered, it was decided it would be easier to just pay/blow off individual claims as they were made than find and fix them all.

What I would love to see is pics of the insides a few roofs, along with the roof of this car, and a comparison done.
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