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How insane would this be? (exhaust)

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I currently have the SLP LM1 on my 14 R/T Blacktop, now for tax returns I am thinking of doing the normal stuff i.e. Tuner and Intake, catch can, now I do not think the car is that loud. And is very tame at 75 with mds off, and I have 3.06s with the B/T, I am at a mix up with headers and mid pipes, I continue to come back to longtubes and catless mids, but how ridiculous loud would it be? How hard to install vs. Just mids, shortys and mids etc. Will it still be bearable as a DD? I am up for suggestions and options. Their is so many combos it makes my head spin. How much will it change the sound (not volume but actual note)
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The longtubes will give you a power increase on the top end, not much down low. Not fun to install yourself. Your sound will change for the better too.

Shorties on these newer 5.7s are relatively worthless. They change the sound of your ride but no real power increases have been seen.

Mid pipes with the SLP LM 1 will make the biggest difference in sound. I have the LM 1 with catless mid pipes and the car is ridiculously loud and it does drone's the worst around 65 mph. Above or below that speed it's fine.

High flow Mids will cut down on some sound and the smell...although to me high flows smell damn near the same as catless pipes.

So if you go with LTs and catless mids your car will be very loud. But from what I've read the LTs help with the raspy-ness and overall drone the catless mids induce.

The most solid option would be LTs and high flow mids. It's also your most expensive option.

I have YouTube videos of my car with the just the slp and then the slp with catless mids if you want a general idea of the sound. I don't have LTs so I can't help you there. But I know there are a few members here running the slp, LTs, and catless mid pipes.
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Thanks for the replies guys, what is your youtube 702RN?
(Just the SLP)
(SLP with catless mid pipes)
Thanks Cody, Tatalis already have aftermarket catback.

Absolutely. Let us know what you choose to do!
I am leaning towards JBA longtubes and catted mids.

That'll be a good choice. JBA is a more affordable option. Do they offer coating on their LTs to prevent premature cracking from heat stress?
I was in the same boat as you a few months ago. I have a 13 R/T with SLP LM1 on there. I wanted a little more noise and added the JBA catless mids. I got the sound increase I wanted, but it was way too much. If I downshifted the car it sounded like a jake brake on a dump truck. I had the mids on for two days and was annoyed and removed them. I am wondering if the catted mids with long tubes will be better but I am really not sure if I want to invest in this route again.

Yeah the catless mids are a bit extreme. I have them and I enjoy the sound. My issue is the fart type noise when mid throttle in the upper RPMs. Cruising, idling, and WOT sound awesome. It's that in between that sounds horrible. I was told using resonated exhaust tips cuts out the fart noise. However I can't find any that seem to work with the 2011+ chargers.
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