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How insane would this be? (exhaust)

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I currently have the SLP LM1 on my 14 R/T Blacktop, now for tax returns I am thinking of doing the normal stuff i.e. Tuner and Intake, catch can, now I do not think the car is that loud. And is very tame at 75 with mds off, and I have 3.06s with the B/T, I am at a mix up with headers and mid pipes, I continue to come back to longtubes and catless mids, but how ridiculous loud would it be? How hard to install vs. Just mids, shortys and mids etc. Will it still be bearable as a DD? I am up for suggestions and options. Their is so many combos it makes my head spin. How much will it change the sound (not volume but actual note)
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I recently put on long tube headers and high flow cats. I also changed the piping out the back and cut of the resenators and put after market mufflers. ( flowmaster). The sound is great is decent at idle but really shows its worth when you accelerate. Sounds amazing. I really prefer my set-up to other because the sound is non-existent over road noise on a long trip. I do find them hard to put and it takes some time but it was fun to do and I personally like working modifying my own car.
-just my opinion and how it works for me.
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