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how do i do the 3.06 getrag swap 2006-2008 srt8?

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any care to share a step by step guide on how to do the swap?

just picked up a 2012 srt8 charger rear cradle with the 3.06 getrag, axels and back half of the drive shaft. are there any more parts i need or recommendations before i do the swap on my 2007 srt8 super bee? i know u have to disconnect break lines disconnect e brake, disconnect abs sensor, take out 2 bolts for each rear shock and 4 for rear subframe but what else am i missing, and how do i disconnect the driveshaft?
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You don't need anything else rear cradle wise. Simply unbolt the driveshaft from the giubo (coupler). Early SRT uses a 4 bolt flange; Getrag only uses 3. You can either source the back of an R/T driveshaft or just get a whole new one for a '12-'14 SRT Charger. If you don't have one you will need the correct 392 giubo to connect to the Getrag properly.
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