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Horsepower increase witn initial engine breakin?

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OK, this is sure to start off one interesting debate! I'm particularly interested in what some of you more advanced "motorheads" think. Check this out

Everybody play nice :happy:
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gserp4sox said:
OK, this is sure to start off one interesting debate! I'm particularly interested in what some of you more advanced "motorheads" think. Check this out

Everybody play nice :happy:
Did you attach the wrong link?
"Horsepower increase witn initial engine breakin?" and the link is to a Hemi powered grill.
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gserp4sox said:
Sorry guys, :embarrese here's the correct link:
This just sets off warning bells in my head. I don't see anything for sale so I can't call it snake oil.

from the article; I wrote "Break-In Secrets" after successfully applying this method to approximately 300 new engines, all without any problems whatsoever.
This sounds real impressive, but how many people have had a brake-in problem?
I don't know of any. So what advantage is there for this meathod.
I am sure it works after all the only brake in thing I do is use non-synthetic oil for 6000 miles then I use what ever I want. No driving habbit changes.

more from the articleThe results are always the same... a dramatic increase in power at all RPMs. In addition, many professional mechanics have disassembled engines that have used this method, to find that the condition of the engine is much better than when the owner's manual break-in method has been used.
In other words:
The gain in power from using this break-in method can be anywhere from 2% - 10% !!
You use this brake in method and get one of those tornado things for the throttle body and your pushing 380 hp and getting 27 mile to a gallon.

My Magnum manual says there is no brake in required for this engine.
Of course it then tells you the typical brake in method.

I am sure this method will brake in an engine just fine. It just sounds more like someone trying to get some attention and feel important about something that doesn't matter.

Kind of like my post.
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RTjunkie said:
He is right for the most part.
The only thing I have ever avoided was stomping it in 1st gear for the first few hundred miles as this is the heaviest load you can place on your engine without towing something behind you.
What do you mean by load?
The reason your not suppose to floor it in first is to avoid high rpm during the brake-in period (I thought)? Just like your not suppose to rev to red line in natural.

You can not apply full throttle in first for too long without hitting the rev limiter.

But it seems to me that first gear does not produce more load on the engine. The engine produces the same amount of power no matter the gear. So the load would be a function of resistance. Just like your towing example. First gear makes it easier for the engine to turn the tires and there for easier to move the car.

I really think the load is basically the same in first or fourth gears. But in fourth you can floor it for longer periods with less increase in rpm over that time.

Just trying to clarify
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1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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