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I have been having a terrible, loud, whining, high-pitched, noise lately. Only happens during WOT acceleration from a stop, and only when there is a passenger in the car beside me. Once the passenger exits (usually the very next time I stop the car), the noise vanishes. Can't seem to locate the exact source of the noise as the passenger seat being occupied seems to be required for the noise to occur, and they typically get out rather quickly when I stop, sometimes not even closing the door. Does not seem to matter if the passenger is male or female, although the noise is a bit higher pitched when the passenger is female, but not always.

Anyone else have this experience?


Thought a little late evening humor was in order.
Thanks for playing along....:biggrinjester:

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I get the same sound, but it's usually when I am drifting around a corner with the tires smoking.

Occasionally it happens when I take a 25 mph off ramp at 70 mph but it seems to occur more often when I nail it to the firewall at 30 mph and hold my foot in it until 100 mph. Once the passenger is gone, it's quiet again.

IDK, I think it's a factory defect.

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