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I like how the title rhymes but I'm not sure how much of a mod it is.

I have no complaints about the prop rod compared to the pneumatic struts. I had pneumatics on my Intrepid and replaced them once at $25 each. They were convenient but did not seem to do well in the cold weather so I'm sticking w/ the rod.

The only issue I've seen over the years while working on various vehicles w/ hood rods is the inevitable rust that occurs at the prop hole in the hood.

To remedy the damage caused by the rod banging into the hole each time I got a piece of clear vinyl hose from the local hardware.

7/16" OD at 5/16 ID

It's fairly stiff, thick walled hose. I shot some WD-40 down the inside and heated the heck out of it w/ the hair dryer.
It was difficult but I managed to push/pull/work the hose onto the end of the prop rod almost down to the last zig.
I probably used about 3" but I would recommend getting 1' of hose so you have something to hang onto while forcing it on. Just snip off what you don't use w/ a scissors.


By the way, I posted this in the wrong thread. Sorry, moderators. Feel free to slide this over to the exterior mod thread. :silenced:


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