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Hey guys, I recently purchased a 8000k HID+Halo headlight kit for my Charger. The headlights come with the Halos built in and they are made by Spyder automotive. I am not sure who made The HID bulbs and relay box. Anyways I went to go get the kit installed yesterday and was told that the relay box for my passenger side is no good and therefore will not power that HID bulb, everything else is fine. The shop offered to put my stock bulbs into the Spyder headlights for the time being until I get a replacement relay box. Tonight I drove my car and noticed that the beam from the headlights is crooked. It rises from the driver side and gets higher towards the passenger side. Does anybody know why this is and how to fix it? I noticed that there is a small gap from the side of the headlight that is right next to the grille of my car on the passenger side whereas there is no gap on the driver side headlight. Could this have anything to do with it and can I fix this without having to remove the front bumper? Any help is appreciated:confused:
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