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Hey again!!!

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Just wanted to stop in and register over here today. My wife just purchased #1281 Plum Crazy Daytona a couple days ago. I used to be on the SRT-4 forums a while ago so I figured I would return to get more knowledge, always was a pleasure learning on here.

As soon as I get the chance, I will get some better pics and post em up!!! Take care everyone and glad to be back!

---Well I was going to post a pic but it says I have to post at least 4 times so I will get them up ASAP!!
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Welcome to the forums from Phoenix, AZ!! :wave:

LOVE the color choice! ;) :)

Oh, and I added you to the list :)
Welcome to the madness. Nice pics!! oh wait there are no pics
from Northern Illinois!
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Welcome from Texas!
Welcome to the forums, from Las Vegas!
Welcome from the Motor City!.
From the 'Ville. Take a small bite out of the pavement. :smile:
Welcome from CT & congrats on the new purchase. Nice choice!
Welcome! Congrats on the PC Daytona.
Congrats and welcome from AR.:wave:

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