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help with engine turning over constantly please :0

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hey guys i looked on the forms and didn't see much about my issue.
basically i have a 2009 dodge charger 5.7Lv8 Police Package, 2 out of like 5 times the engine constantly turns and is slow to start when I try to start it.
I find this odd because i replaced all the following:
1. Spark Plugs (OEM)
2. Ignition Coils (Accel SuperCoils)
3. New Battery in Key FOB
4. The Starter (from other problem)
5. Water pump (from other problem)
6. New Battery (Energizer)
7. checked all the fuses and they are fine
8. cleaned the engine of carbon
9. used zmax engine cleaner as well
10. replaced Engine Crank Sensor

i don't know what else to check any help would be awesome thanks:beerchug:
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Do these cars have a fuel pressure hold valve? If so, and it fails, these are the symptoms.
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