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Help...side View Mirror Mishap

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Sup fellas! Unfortunately, I made the mistake of letting my wifey borrow the Charger and, unfortunately she nailed one of those large towing side view mirrors on a lifted truck with the passenger side view mirror on my sweet baby. Also, unfortuantely the nick was hard enough to pop the mirror right out of the casing. :knockout:

I made a few attempts to re-attach the mirror to the housing with no avail and now it appears as though I need to replace the whole darn thing, or at least the electronic components and mounting. I did some research for the replacement side-view mirror and came up dry. Does anyone know where I can order a replacement electronic side view mirror for a 2007 Charger?
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Try Mopar Supercenter (a sponsor here). They're usually the first place people check for OEM stuff.

Good luck, and sorry to hear that!
This is exactly why I don't let anyone drive mine. My fiance thinks I'm kidding when I tell him no because he doesn't have a perfect driving record like I do lol. Good luck with your mirror.
So, I finally found a replacement mirror on Ebay for a 2006 charger. Before I buy I want to be certain that it will fit on the 2007. Has anyone else tried this, or know if it will fit? I don't think the body has change at all, so presumably it should, right?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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