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HELP - Need Rear Bumper Guard Ideas

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Hi Everyone, just love this place. So I have my black 2006 SRT8 that I bought brand new and have taken care of it for all 56K miles now, yes it's been a second car for me. I baby the exterior and has only been driven in the rain a few times in it's life, that's how crazy I am. Well I have noticed now there is a white line on my trunk deck lid where I guess the trunk comes down or vibrates and has left a line. First of all, anyone else have this issue??? I was hoping to find some sort of cool rear deck bumper guard like you see on some cars now, either stainless or black chrome would be nice. Can't seem to find anything on line for 2006 SRT8 so I thought I would ask here. Thanks in advance for your comments and thoughts :)

2006 Black SRT8 - 56K miles :banana:


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What you are experiencing is very common on the early cars. It has to do with the decklid bumper stops being the incorrect height such that the decklid vibrates against the rear bumper and causes the wear marks you are seeing. It becomes worse at speed with the read spoiler pushing down on the decklid.

There is a TSB for this in the early years that replaced the bump-stops with taller ones to eliminate the issue. I did that and while it was slightly better, it really didn't eliminate the issue. (some of the early fixes were to simply spin the bump-stops 180° to get a greater height)

What I ultimately did was get 1" wide black-out vinyl tape and installed it on the top of the bumper across the width of where the deck lid sits. When it wears over time I replace it (every couple of years). There aren't any aftermarket bumper-sill plates available that I have seen that will resolve the issue.


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Hey Ddaddy,

You are always a wealth of information, thank you :) Totally Makes sense but can't bring myself to put tape on my bumper LOL :) Some of the later years have stainless steel bumper guards that could be painted or powdercoated black but not for the first generation cars I guess.

Perhaps I can just skim paint it but will need to get the new bumper pads I guess. Please tell me more about spinning them, if they are a cylinder, how would that raise the height???
The pads are rectangular in shape and have a beveled top. They are held in place by a center plastic rivet. Spinning them 180° switches the location of the taller edge of the bevel so it is higher when it contacts the reciprocal bumpers in the decklid itself. Once you open up the truck and inspect them, you will see what I mean.
It's a good thought and I actually tried that...but it still scratched the paint. The protection needs to be on the bumper surface rather than the deck lid edge or the gap needs to be widened (buffered with the bumpers) so that it never rubs.

Here is the TSB 23-037-06 for it...
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