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first let me let everyone know i'm a v6er (no no please don't go hear me out) and i'm trying to do anything and everything to make my baby bad ass minus the extra 100 ponies that i'm missing :( .. seeing that im living in Boston and winter is right around the corner im starting from the ground up.. i don't have much money and i'm not really that flashy type but i want her to look different and mean at the same time.. so i opted to go for the 18" x 7.5 steel police wheels now the question i have guys is i want to put some nice fat tires on the back and a little smaller ones on the front . i found these very nice toyo proxes s/t's. i want to know if these 285/50R18 will fit on the back and maybe some 255/50r18 in the front.. or maybe 55r18's on both.. now i have heard some people say 255 is the biggest you can go on a stock rim size which is 18x7.5 and then i have heard of some people putting 285's i really want to know once and for all if i can do this. please any insight would be greatly appriciated

131.00 for the 285's
121.00 for the 255's
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