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okay I decided to tackle this install by myself after getting a few quotes on installation. I know I'm cheap. Anyhow I have the dash kit and harness for our model cars. The speakers were a no brainer to hookup, now the only wires i have left are:

From Pioneer unit: _______________________From wire harness:

2 BLK GRND wires from little box -------------- 1 black GRND wire
1 lght green wire (e-brake) ------------------- 1 orange (illumination??)
1 blue/white wire -----------------------------1 blue/white wire (says AMP/turn on)
----------------------------------------------1 solid blue wire (PWR ANT)

So... the harness has a few more wires. Do i hookup the blue/white together?? Or blue/white from headunit to solid blue??? Also do I connect all the ground wires together or do I actually have to ground all 3 to the vehicle? And the illumination..where the heck does that go? Any help would be great
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