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Help 2008 Police Charger 5.7 Hemi Stalling

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I have read various posts regarding the stalling issue and am confused. I have a 2008 Charger 5.7L Hemi Police Interceptor, the problem I have is when engine is cold, after sitting for a long time >8hrs. Once I start engine for the first 5 miles or until gauge reads warm at slow speeds or at a stop my engine just quits. There is no warning this will happen it just shuts off. After warmup all has been fine. There are no codes or check engine light associated with this problem also. I have changed all plugs/coil packs, installed new heavy duty battery and crankshaft position sensor all to no avail. I have read there is an ignition switch recall outstanding, unfortutunatly there are no parts to fix the recall. Could this issue be non recall related? What other fixes can I try to resolve this issue?
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Welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear about your stalling concern. Is your vehicle equipped with remote start?
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