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Hello All, Nice to be here

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I have been on other Dodge forums but I am new here and so far it looks pretty cool. I had a base Charger for a year and just had to upgrade a little so now I have an 07 SXT and I love it more than I did the last one.
I look forward to jumping into the conversation with you all.

~Trina Syn
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Hello!!!!!! What color?
Welcome to the forums :)
I have a sxt also :)
It's black. I tried to get a pic to come up in my sig, we'll see if it works lol. Thanks for the welcome!
Looks good :) Does it have a sunroof?
Welcome to the forums Synner, from Sin City! This is where ya oughtta be. lol
Welcome from the Motor City.
here's my charger =P

it's a joke btw dont bite my head off please hehe
Welcome to the forums from Phoenix, AZ!! :wave:
Welcome to the site .
from Northern Illinois!
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Welcome to the forum got the fastest
Wow thanks everyone. That was an awesome welcome. And to the one who asked, yes it has a sunroof. I insisted on it when I traded in the base for the SXT.
Welcome from Northern California! :wave:
Welcome from TEXAS!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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