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It finally cooled of sufficiently for me to install the Hellcat Air Tube and Radiator Side Shield in the wife's Barney Mobile. The hardest part of the job should have been the easiest--getting those damn fender well liners out! The push pins up at the top in the recessed spots refused to come out (four on each side) I had to break them off. Other than that it was easy-peasy:

1) remove the lower splash shields from the bottom of the bumper and under the engine

2) remove the wheel well liners: There are three 7mm bolts in the front of each liner at the brake cooling duct, then a whole bunch of push pins (hope yours play nice!)

3) disconnect the side marker lamp connector and the fog light connector - the fog light wire is attached to the fog light with a do-hickey that you have to pull free with needle nose pliers

4) there are two 10mm bolts at the top of the front fender to remove - it is kind of hard to get the top one out if you have big hands (10mm ratchet wrench works good here)

5) up on top there is a 10mm bolt in each corner you need to remove, and twelve short push pins to pop out

6) pull the bumper cover straight back to remove

7) remove the old radiator side shield (two push in fasteners) you will have to now alter the old shield to work with the new one by cutting off most of the part covered by the new shield. This old shield is twice as long as the new one and directs air into the radiator, hence the reason for keeping the bottom half (this is for SE/SXT/RT--Scat / SRT have a different bumper and no lower side shield).

8) Cut off the very top of the old shield and then 2/3 of the upper half of the right side (see last two pics in 2nd post). Test fit and trim as needed. Drill some 1/4" holes and stick the two parts together with push pins or short bolts

9) install the tube, then the side shield then headlights (if you removed them). there is a 1" square section you should cut off the new shield if you have an SE/SXT/RT (see last pic in 2nd post)

10) put the bumper back on, starting with the top bolts in the corners, then the bolts in the top of the fender well, then the twelve short push pins on the top,

11) reinstall the fender well liners and lower splash shields



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