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Heating issue, cold air

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My girlfriend has an 07 Charger sxt with the 3.5. the heat has never been great, back in august, the fan blew apart and busted the radiator. replaced both and the thermostat. heat finally worked right, didnt need it at the time, but it worked.

In the past 2 months the heater became iffy, some times turn the temperature back and forth would get it to work. 3 weeks ago it became just cold air. nothing was leaking, changed the thermostat again, just because it was under warranty and it would be free to try. Did not work, someone suggested bleeding it. Tried that, got lukewarm air for an evening, then it was gone. Someone else suggested a flush could help, i took it to firestone, figured their flush would be better than a diy, no change. The next suggestion was the heater core. Im really a novice mechanic, just try to help her out and save some money on labor charges. So without checking the old one, i replaced it. It got a little warmer for a couple of days, but never hot air.

The heater core gets hot, the heater hoses at the firewall both get hot, the thermostat is working, and the reservoir is full, but still no heat. I've read it could be the blend door actuators, ive taken all 4 out, opened them, nothing was broke and i put them back. How do I tell if they are bad?

Any suggestions would be great
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Not sure of the specific names, but you have to remove the lower covers under the steering wheel, they are up slightly above the heater core, you will see 2 red plugins going to them.
Took the car to the local radiator/ heating and cooling shop, Brice Thomas. I walked in and they said they knew exactly what the problem was, just needed a "good" flush, versus the one i had recently. The guy felt the heater hoses first, one was cold, one was hot this time. They flushed it a couple of times with high pressure air and water. There was a bunch of stop leak in it, from a bad decision when the radiator was busted by the fan. They got it all out and still no heat. It would heat for a few seconds after each flush, but then quit. They were stumped. Said that it was either the water pump was weak, or the stop leak blocked some ports in the engine. They said if it had been a different car they would have changed the water pump just for their own curiosity at their expense to see if that helped, but it would have been to much labor for a maybe. Does anyone know a good way to tell if it is the waterpump (no leaks) before i attempt to change it for nothing? or is there a chance its something to do with the blend doors.
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