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Heater core done again

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Had my heater core replaced along with the thermostat last year because it wasn't functioning properly. The heat from the vents was coming in as waves of cold and hot.

Fast forward to today, heater core is done again. Vents are blasting cold air and hot air in waves.

I bought a cabin filter and installed it shortly after I replaced the first one as I had assumed the lack of a filter was to blame for my faulty heater core.

What could cause a brand new heater core to go bad within a year??
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Do the waves of hot and cold coincide with accelerating and not accelerating, respectively? If so, I'd have the water pump impeller checked. Other possiblity is the intake port on the heater core is restricted and if you answered yes to the question above, that could be it, especially since your on the second heater core. Why change the thermostat by the way? You have to repair things one item at a time. The heater core may be restricting because of contaminants circulating through the system - which were could have already been there early on. Put back an OEM thermostat, replace as much coolant as you can get out, then blow out the trash in the heater core in the reverse direction of coolant flow. That might just do it. The heater core is usually not something that just fails on its own, it's a symptom of another problem.
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