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Heater core done again

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Had my heater core replaced along with the thermostat last year because it wasn't functioning properly. The heat from the vents was coming in as waves of cold and hot.

Fast forward to today, heater core is done again. Vents are blasting cold air and hot air in waves.

I bought a cabin filter and installed it shortly after I replaced the first one as I had assumed the lack of a filter was to blame for my faulty heater core.

What could cause a brand new heater core to go bad within a year??
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I had similar issues. There's a thread about it somewhere around here.

It's likely an electronic issue, not a core issue. Your dealer sounds like an even bigger richardhead than mine was.

I had that erratic hot/cold issue on my '13 Charger. The shop fiddled with it numerous times, the first thing they did was replace the blend door.
THEN they decided it was an electronic controls issue.
They finally replaced the radio because that is connected electronically to the HVAC.

None of these actions fixed the problem.

Oh, that was after they got the wrong radio in and I wasted a trip out there to drop the car off.

Finally they ordered a main cable and were going backwards up the chain to lord knows where.

This was over the course of about eight visits to the service department. With no end in sight.

I finally ran out of time and patience.

I simply was not interested in spending time shuttling the car back and forth to the dealer or waiting around for an hour or two while they played with it.

So I traded it. Good luck.
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