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headlight tint

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Has anyone done a headlight tint by themselves? and what brand of tint film do u use?
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Just get the lens caps. They're like $60 and snap on. If the law gives you a hard time, pop them off go about your business. The tint you can buy online, especially eBay and Amazon is garbage. I've tried it. $40 I'll never get back. Spray tinting will give you a better look if you do it right, and remove the headlights completely first, but it's an ass pain to remove and takes more time.
Any links to a place that sells these caps? Ones that will fit the 2015 RT fog lights. The 2015 has the long horizontal fog lights.

Not sure if they've made them for the '15+ yet. Check carid.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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