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headlight tint

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Has anyone done a headlight tint by themselves? and what brand of tint film do u use?
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Your best bet is going with JDM film. Super cheap and can be bought off amazon. Plenty of DIY videos on Youtube. I used yellow JDM film on the foggers for my previous car. Great look.
Just get the lens caps. They're like $60 and snap on. If the law gives you a hard time, pop them off go about your business. The tint you can buy online, especially eBay and Amazon is garbage. I've tried it. $40 I'll never get back. Spray tinting will give you a better look if you do it right, and remove the headlights completely first, but it's an ass pain to remove and takes more time.
Any links to a place that sells these caps? Ones that will fit the 2015 RT fog lights. The 2015 has the long horizontal fog lights.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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