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Well what you are wanting is headers and a cat-back but they are part of the exhaust but dont connect to each other. That would be the mid pipe that connects to the headers ( most of the time you clamp them and tighten to mid pipe)
- mid pipe comes with or without cats. (your preference)
- Some come with mid pipe and some dont (sold separate)
- also x pipes and h pipes ( these reduce exhaust pressure and in this helping air flow)
Just my opinion and what I do know, hope it helps

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If you are going with the Corsa aftermarket catback, you can get any of the aftermarket headers/mids that will connect to the 2/1/2" catback. Like said, it is the mids that will connect to the catback and the mids that connect to the headers. (Headers - mids with cats/no cats - catback - exhaust tip - in that order) You can go with shorties or longtubes and get the mids to match.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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