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Header install price?

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Anyone know where you can get some headers installed at a reasonable price. I'm being quoted between $500-$600!! Are they kiddin me!!!
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Yep, I just stopped by exhaust systems hawaii in Kailua today and asked that very same question. $500-$600 is what I was told. He said it cost so much because you have to lift the engine which requires a lot of labor.
Derrick, I don't doubt that you could do the job especially with the list of mods you have for that 'vette. I'm tempted to take you up on that offer. I know that Exhaust Systems Hawaii in Kailua has done several Chargers. I'm pretty confident that they aren't going to unmount the engine if they don't have to. Plus, if something does go wrong I can always go back there and demand they fix it. Also, all of my coworkers that have Chargers (and there are LOTS of them) have said that the engine must be lifted in order to install LTs. Perhaps they are only echoing what they've been told by their mechanics? Maybe its a huge conspiracy?

And yes, $500-$600 was what they told me.
heres my take on this....if it was me Id take it to taz to do....stay there watch him do it and bother him with any this point either you will know if 1. you are able to do it yourself if you ever gotta pull um later or 2. you will know your way around the install to the point that if something down the road happens you can to the least bit diagnose it yourself.....
I had the coolant gunk issue and yes it would have been a free fix at the dealership here under a warranty issue BUT....i do not trust them nor do i trust some of the way dodge says to fix things (like the brake/rotor issues..they change it with the same stupid crap that gives probs in the first place) at times its not the best but the most economical way for was a hassle at the time to find that stupid coolant our car uses but i found it on the other side of the island and with the help of a friend we flushed the system ourselves...(i know that the dealership woulda only drained it refilled it and slapped on a new reserve tank) if you can tinker things yourself or someone is willing to show you..its a smart thing to get more experience with our cars...even if you dont do things yourself you will know your way around it better....
I like your reasoning. I may have to take Taz up on his offer after all. We'll see. I've got a trip to LA coming up at the end of the month. Maybe after I get back if finances allow.
Just let me know. I'm not out to make money. And I'm all for the owner getting dirty with me doing the job. I'm really just looking for something to do since the vette is pretty much done (hence having it for sale). I just get tired of these shops ripping people off on relatively simple jobs (i.e. Dodge wanted $1200 to do a simple brake job on our old mini-van that cost me about $200 inn parts and 2 hours of time). Besides, I feel that my tools are going to waste. :) Now I just have to convince the wife to let me turbo or supercharge her SuperBee... :rocker:

We'll see what happens after I get by from LA. :beerchug:
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