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I have a 2011 V6 Charger and have been experiencing a couple issues.

1) when my vehicle was still under warranty, I would hear a popping type noise whenever I was driving slow, say under 10 mph. Either when going from stop to start or when I would slowly hit the accelerator. This was repaired and the dealer stated it was an axel issue they had to replace.
Well 2 months later, i was out of warranty and the issue surfaced again. i took it back to the dealer and they replaced the axel (didn’t specify if it was the whole axel or a component), free seeing that it was connected to the original warranty issue. has anyone else experienced this?

2) maybe 3 or 4 times a week for no rhyme or reason when i go to roll up my driver’s window using the one touch feature, it will roll up 2/4 of the way then reverse back down. I have to finally hold onto the button to get it to roll up. Anyone?

3) Passenger headlight issue. I researched this and it seems other people have had this issue as well. I replaced the bulbs (no HID, just regular low beams) 2 times in one month. I looked online and saw that others had this issue also and there was even a recall on the police model. when i look at the connectors, the plug seems to be charred, I used an exacto knife and chipped away until I had a clean connection and put the same bulb in and it worked, however it seems to be glowing brighter than the drivers side (leading me to believe it is pulling more voltage somehow, even though both bulbs are the same wattage). when my vehicle was in for the warranty axel repair I had it looked at and to my surprise the dealer said they checked it and everything was fine (I believe they didn’t look at it at all due to the fact a quick 1 minute visual inspection would show you something is wrong). I called dodge and they just stated they would take my information in the event a recall is issued. Anyone know of a resolution to this without spending x amount of dollars to have it fixed.

As always thank you all for the help, I really appreciate and enjoy this forum!
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